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We have earned lifelong clients not only from the great job we do at cleaning stained carpets, but by advising on the best practices of maintaining carpet cleaning Greeley CO.

As with most things in life, if you work from the mindset of servicing your carpets health periodically over time, then you will save money in the long run.

Collaboration with our clients saves them hundreds or even thousands of dollars in money saved extending the life of their carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

at greeley carpet cleaning, we started our carpet cleaning company with the focus on putting our clients best interests first

Carpet Cleaning Greeley


We offer a range of methods to clean your carpet including steam cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing, and more.

Most cleaning solutions contain some sort of chemical, but we prefer to go with as little of this as possible. Sometimes, though, we need to come in with industrial strength power. Either way, though, the safety and health of your family is of utmost importance to us.


Does your carpet have urine, mud, or (oh, gosh) even worse? No worries. We are skilled at helping carpets look, smell, and feel like your furry friends were never there when we remove pet stains and odors using our professional equipment. 

Pets are our friends and require patience and love. We fix the mistakes, so you can let them get back to making you smile.

We all know that when you bring animals indoors, then things happen. We are not talking about kids here, but that does happen, too. Regular cleaning of your carpets is the best way to extend its life and durability where pets are concerned. 


Life happens. We get it. We offer a carpet restoration service that will bring new life to your old, soiled carpets. You won't believe your eyes when we are done.

When looking at high traffic areas such as offices, foyers, hallways, and stairs, carpets tend to change color from the dirt and grime on our shoes. Also, taller carpets get matted down due to the weight of people walking on them. Carpet restoration will make your carpets look and feel new. We can also fix holes, rips, and tears.


Rugs get just as dirty as carpet. Keep them stylish and clean with our area rug cleaning service.

We use concentrated, professional solutions that loosen the dirt or stain. Then, we can use a dry cleaning technique or the more common steam cleaning. The dry method still uses some water for extraction, but dries faster. Either way, the carpet will dry rather quickly.


Renew your old, tired furniture to its original glory or restore repurposed furniture fabric to make it look like new.

Carpets are not the only surface that suffers from stains and wears down over time. Our fabric cleaners are potent and gentle to help you achieve a beautiful look during our upholstery cleaning service.


One of the things that surprise our clients most when we arrive at their house is that we are not immediately interested in the carpet stains. Shocking, we know.

We are concerned primarily about your expectation of our work and what we can do to make you satisfied. Once we have that figured out, we then get the back story on how stain came to be, what material is the carpet made of, the type of traffic the carpet experiences on a daily basis, and so much more.

What we are looking for is the narrowing down of the best method of carpet cleaning to use in order to give you the desired result. There are many methods to choose from which we will get to a bit later.

For now, though, please understand that you are our first concern.

there's a lot more that goes into carpet cleaning than just cleaning the carpets

Carpet Cleaning 101

We offer the best carpet cleaning in Greeley, CO by going above and beyond the normal expectations of our clients. We believe that patience and care with our work is the best way to work in your home or office. Our results speak for themselves.

Our driving focus is on the quality in how clean your carpets are when we are finished as well as how satisfied with our customer service you throughout the entire experience. We are not perfect and there are some stains that we may not be able to get out, but we will always do our best. In fact, if we cannot get your stain out, then there is a darn good chance nobody can.

Best Carpet Cleaning in Greeley CO

We are the leader in Greeley and Northern Colorado carpet cleaning services.

Be sure to give us a call to setup your on-site carpet inspection appointment.


We take the same approach for all our clients. Focus on the best method for your health, respect your wallet, and achieve your desired result.


Our service technicians are skilled at identifying the surface issues as well as the unseen results of staining. We then use the best technique based on each situation.


Our experience with different types of materials, flooring, trafficked areas, and more helps us provide the best possible results for your project.

The professional carpet cleaning equipment we use makes the rental equipment found in grocery stores look like childs play. Stains consisting of bacteria, dirt, grime, bodily fluids, food, pet stains, allergens and chemicals stand little chance when we arrive. Our machines soak deep into your carpets to agitate the stains and gently lift out any residue so that your carpets will look like new.

Professional Cleaning Equipment

We know there are other carpet cleaning companies out there and that you have options for the method in which your carpets are cleaned. That is why we focus on using detergents that will not harm your family, your pets, your guests, or your furniture. We are happy to review the makeup of our products with you while inspecting your home or office as it will be at that time that we are able to recommend the proper method to clean your floors.

Cleaning that is Safe for Humans and Animals

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