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Wood, tile, concrete, and slate flooring all have their advantages to the look and feel of a room’s design and beauty. Area rugs can transform those rooms with a feeling of focus, design, and warmth without a commitment to the entire space becoming carpeted. Rugs can and will get dirty just like full-floor carpets. 

Area rug cleaning in Greeley has never been easier than with Greeley Carpet Cleaning. We clean oriental rugs as well as rugs made with nylon, wool, cotton, and other materials with care and gentleness. We are careful to prevent the degradation of your rug’s unique design and intended use. 

Our area rug cleaning experts clean your rugs off-site in a controlled environment that allows for thorough cleaning and fast drying without taking up space in your home. We focus on stain and spot removal as well as the general aging that occurs over time with frequent traffic.

area rugs attact attention for their beauty. they also attract dirt, dust, grime, & stains which we can remove.

Area Rug Cleaning Greeley CO

Our area rug cleaning process begins with dry cleaning via professional machine vacuums and gentle brushes. This removes loose debris, soils, dander, dead skin, and anything else that is clogging up the rugs fibers with focused vibrations and strategic air flow.

If your rug is safe to move to a wet cleaning process, then we begin using high-temperature water and, if necessary and allowed, safe to the touch chemical-solutions. We will discuss these options with you prior to cleaning your rugs as you are in full control of the route we take. This water cleaning will extract the entrenched stains while keeping the rug’s integrity intact.

Area Rug Cleaning Process

There is no better choice in cleaning your rugs than Greeley Carpet Cleaning.

We offer pickup and home delivery service for all area rug sizes.

Additionally, we offer area rug deodorizing and shampooing with a final rinse to remove the chemical residues. We end our area rug cleaning process with a safe drying technique to leaves your rug smelling fresh while feeling clean and soft.

No matter the need or the dirtiness of your rug, Greeley Carpet Cleaning has you covered.

Area Rug Deodorizing and Shampooing

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