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Our clients are often delighted to hear that we can save them hundreds and even thousands of dollars over replacing their entire carpeted floors. How?

By repairing carpet you can delay the purchase of new flooring and possibly refresh a floor's appearance before selling your home or office. 

We offer the ability to stretch your carpet out if it is loose as well as replace carpet holes. We can fix seam issues where you may see white threading pop out on the sides or even in the middle. 

By allowing our technicians to inspect your carpet, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear that we recommend a more cost effective carpet maintenance method than the one you thought you needed. 

carpet repair can literally make your carpet look new and save you big cash versus replacement

Carpet Repair Greeley CO

Has your carpet started to get loose and ripple? Do you see waves of carpet before the beauty you intended? Did you know loose carpet actually wears faster and can cause you to speed up the carpets replacement thereby causing you to spend more money sooner than expected? Don’t worry. We can stretch carpet that with a power stretcher and remove those unsightly rolls in order to bring back the flat and tight original look.

Loose Carpet Repair

Carpet repair is a major part of carpet upkeep and maintenance.

Request your on-site carpet inspection today to see how we can help you.

Carpets are durable to an extent. Even the strongest threading can come loose showing seams and holes. After inspection, we may be able to save your carpet with some expert repair work and some carpet tech magic. If we can’t, though, we will be sure to give you the best recommendations on what to do next. We won’t leave you high and dry.

Carpet Seam and Hole Repair

Carpets can help cozy up a room during the cold and can offer beautiful colors to compliment any room’s decor. However, carpets wear down over time and need maintenance. While shifting furniture can create new walking lanes which allows your entire carpet to get its full use, eventually these carpets will need to be cleaned or even repaired.

Best Carpet Repair in Greeley 

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