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At Greeley Carpet Cleaning, we don’t just focus on what you walk on, but also what you sit, eat, play, and lay on. Upholstered furniture has a knack for collecting sweat, drinks, food, oils, markers, and so much more. Plus, these stains can make your furniture unappealing to your guests if they want to sit down and relax. 

Furthermore, we understand that your furniture’s outer appearance can have an impact on how your view your home’s appeal. Before you buy a new set of furniture, save some money and let us rejuvenate your couch, loveseat, chairs, benches, and other upholstery with our safe and powerful cleaning process.

We can restore that furniture you were gifted to a level of beauty you didn’t think possible. We can also sanitize the furniture you picked up second hand to leave you feeling confident that no germs, allergens, chemicals, or other harsh remnants get passed into contact with your family, guests, and pets.

clean upholstery enhances the beauty of your room and extends the life your furniture

Upholstery Cleaning Greeley CO

We are the leader in Greeley and Northern Colorado carpet cleaning services.

Be sure to give us a call to setup your on-site carpet inspection appointment.

We conduct a quick fiber analysis, study the materials the furniture is composed of, and research how the item is intended for use before cleaning the piece. Once we understand the stains and the upholstery’s needs, we begin our tailored cleaning process.

Additionally, we can shampoo and deodorize your furniture to help eliminate odors, hard set in stains, and to restore the softness of the fabric. We finish our process by drying the material as quickly as possible so you can begin enjoying your refreshed upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

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